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Scratched Pictures

Meno Avilys

“Sometimes when we get tired of our daily routine and return to adolescence, we want to be a little bad. As bad as only characters are - pals, joints makers, tape sweepers. Whose life is like that - like art, liko not art."*
* Monika Kalinauskaite on the work of T.Andrijauskas
Scratched Pictures 3'20 / 1989)
The Factories and We 2'45 / 1992)
SO 2'31/1996)
Like Toms Like Not Toms 1'40 / 1999
Tomas Andrijauskas (b. 1975, Siauliai) is photographer, video artist and one of the pioneers of Lithuanian video art.
The work of T.Andrijauskas is mainly related to the alternative music scene of Siauliai, work at Siauliai television, activities of Siauliai Art Gallery, making music videos (BIX, Exem, Lemon Joy, Biplan, etc.). His early works (1989-1993) are experiments on film, producing abstract images, scratching, drawing or affecting the film mechanically, emphasizing the synthesis of music and video. In later works, the expressive manner of shooting and editing fits in with the capture of everyday life.
T.Andrijauskas: "From my childhood I felt an inner necessity to take photographs constantly: friends, myself, the immediate environment."
Today, the "hooliganism" of the artist not only conveys the informal mood of the decade, but also reveals the openness of Lithuanian music and television to creative experimentation of that time.
Starting November 26 on working days 16:00 - 19:00, Planeta (Goštauto st. 2, Vilnius)
The strategic partner is the Lithuanian Council for Culture
The Planeta Cinema and Media Space is located in the second hall of the former Planeta Cinema. Skalvija Film Academy, Children's Land and Meno Avilys are sharing this new cultural hotspot of Vilnius. The multifunctional space is adapted for video screenings and conferences, and a public media library will be opened here on December 12.