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About us

Meno Avilys, an NGO based in Vilnius, Lithuania, specializes in the area of film education and film preservation. It dedicates its work towards both viewers who love films and those who have not discovered them yet. Meno Avilys aims to actualize visual literacy processes in a society and provides a space for public discussions, organises various cinema events. It also constantly creates new initiatives in order to respond to international debates and to react to new trends.
One of the main projects that the organization is currently working on is digitization, restoration and preservation of Lithuanian documentary films. So far Meno Avilys restored 14 films – the highlights of the 20th century Lithuanian documentary cinema. In addition Meno Avilys is developing an online cinematheque where a visitor will be able not only watch these films online, but also explore their content and context interactively. Read more about restoration activities.
Nevertheless, initiatives of Meno Avilys are not limited to professional film-making. In 2012-2013 Meno Avilys implemented the project Moving Archives which aimed at introducing works of 20th century Lithuanian amateur filmmakers to the wider Lithuanian audience. Curators of the project have assembled a collection of amateur films shot with 8 mm and 16 mm cameras and produced several publications on their form and content.
Another project run by Meno Avilys is Mediatheque – a place that contains a collection of classic cinema as well as works of contemporary film directors, and literature on audiovisual media. It is open for everyone willing to deepen one’s knowledge about the cinema world. In Mediatheque people can also attend public cinema events (discussions, screenings, artist talks) and video courses which offer basic knowledge and skills for those who want to try one’s hand at filmmaking.
In 2006 Meno Avilys initiated the first national film education project in Lithuania. The project was gradually transformed into a continuous programme “Film at My School”. It is addressed to teachers and students of secondary schools in Lithuania. In the framework of the programme the NGO publishes film compilations on DVD which are accompanied by teaching guides. The educational material is distributed to teachers during special educational seminars organised by Meno Avilys. In addition to this programme, the NGO implements various film education activities at the orphanage “SOS village” and Children Hospital of Santariškės in Vilnius. Meno Avilys also appreciates international collaboration in this area. In 2009 it became a member of international video education network “Viducate” and organised “European Video Education Forum 2009” in Vilnius. Since 2014 Meno Avilys together with Spanish organisation A Bao A Qu and Portuguese NGO Os Filhos de Lumiere has started a film education project "Moving Cinema". Also, it is participating in the international project "A Framework for Film Education in Europe" led by British Film Institute.
During summers Meno Avilys invites Lithuanians and visitors from other countries to participate at Cinema Camp. Organized in the countryside manor it is an annual event consisting of film screenings, presentations, panels, and discussions. The four-day program is dedicated to one particular theme (e.g., Cinema and Sound) which is explored from different angles and perspectives. Cinema Camp gathers together film professionals, critics, as well as theorists and practicians from other spheres of art, education and culture and, certainly, film lovers, and offers an informal platform for socializing and exchanging views.
Last but not least, Meno Avilys always tries to be an active player in the field of Lithuanian film policy. One of our most significant initiatives in this field was the international conference “The aspects of Lithuanian film policy: heritage and education” (2007) and held a discussion on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).
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Mobile phone: +37068050575