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Cinema Camp

Electrified: thrilling or excited; bodies able to attract others are electrified, they're electrified by touching + Identity: self-perception in environment and relationship's setting, determinant of behaviour and decisions = Electrified Identities: search for moving images projections of thrilling self-perception, excited relationships and behaviour.
Participants of this year’s Cinema Camp are invited to critically approach the representations of gender and sexuality on screen and power relations that control them. The program will showcase films which creatively explore these topics, focus on queer and feminist cinema and its makers. In addition to the historical perspective of “electrified identities” on the screen, we will draw attention to the reflection of gender dynamics and transgender issues in contemporary cinema. As usual, the CCamp will be attended by both emerging and acknowledged experimental filmmakers connecting points between social activism and the art of moving image.
The Cinema Camp is an annual four-day long summer event organized by Meno Avilys Film Center, seeking to create the space for a dialogue about a different moving image topic each year. Believing in the potentiality of communal energy, every summer we invite filmmakers, film programmers, as well as critics to stay together and discuss moving-image art-related themes. During the event, film screenings are usually followed by discussions with filmmakers, academics read specially prepared presentations, guests take part in creative workshops, reading groups and radio cinema sessions. Thus the idea behind the CCamp is to establish a vivid cross-disciplinary platform for the international film and moving-image art community to meet and watch films as well as discuss them without the usual confines of film festivals and academic conferences.
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Each year, the curatorial team designs a specific theme. Since 2010, the annual themes of the CCamp were: The Boundaries of Cinema Genres, Cinema and Freedom, Cinema and History, Cinema and Sound, Cinema and the Body, Cinema and Politics, Cinema Eye, Welcome to Anthropocene, Imperfect Cinema.
Sponsors: Lietuvos kino centras, Lietuvos kultūros taryba, AVAKA, Kūrybiškos Europos biuras / Creative Europe Desk LT
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