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Out of Focus // Imperfect

Meno Avilys

Out of Focus: Women in Film industry // Imperfect: Jennifer Reeves cinema
One project – two titles and events.
Out of Focus: Women in Film industry (22/11, 10 am-7pm, Vilnius, @CAC) – event, dedicated to the presentation of results of the research project “Women in Lithuanian Film Industry”, and to introduce the experimental cinema producer’s Jennifer Reeves’s work. It is the result of reflections, film presentations and analysis that took a few years. There is no better time for it to exist than now – the centenary of Lithuanian women’s right to vote.
Deciding events were not just from the most recent past (#MeToo, #TimesUp, Women‘s marches, #CzarnyProtest etc.), but also the events that gradually evolved in Lithuanian culture and film community, within which the questions of equality had been raised. Amongst them – special screenings that took place during the “Inconvenient Films” festival (since 2011), national Emancipation Day initiative (since 2016), Margarethe von Trotta, Márta Mészáros film retrospectives (2016) and others.
The research began in 2016 - “Women in Lithuanian film industry“- dedicated to exploration of women’s position in Lithuanian cinema and we consider it a continuing part of all the aforementioned initiatives. Wishing to present a wider intercultural context, we have invited guests from Great Britain and Poland – they will present women’s situation in their countries.
We cannot imagine the vitality and continuation of the results of the research without a creating, functioning film community. Thus, the second part of the event “Imperfect: Jennifer Reeves Cinema“ (22/11-06/12, Vilnius, @CAC), introduces the audience to Jennifer Reeves’s work, provides an opportunity to open a dialogue, to proportionate academic (researchers) and artistic (creators) perspectives. The significance of imperfect cinema (which we can interpret as a protest against large budget and institutionalised production of film) in creating independently and films that freely experiment with form, is an integral part of the discussion, when talking about equal rights in film industry.
We are grateful to all of the above mentioned, initiatives that have inspired us, to institutions that support us, especially – Lithuanian Council for Culture, that provided us with financial support for this initiative, as well as to all of those women who created / are creating and worked / are working in film.
Team of Meno Avilys:
Jelena Šalaj, Lina Kaminskaitė-Jančorienė, Mantė Valiūnaitė.
More: info@menoavilys.org