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Moving Cinema

Moving Cinema is a film education project implemented by Meno Avilys (Vilnius) together with film organisations „A Bao A Qu“ (Barcelona) and „Os Filhos de Lumière“ (Lisboa).
The main objectives of Moving Cinema are to cultivate openess of young people and their attentivenes to the surrounding world, to introduce students to filmmaking and film evaluation processes as a way to express oneself and relate to the world, as well as foster young audience‘s appreciation for the European cinema.
Moving Cinema creates a space where young people, professional filmmakers, teachers, school librarians and film educators meet and learn from each other. These encounters take place in various settings throughout Lithuania: schools, children‘s rehabilitation centers and cinemas. There young people take part in a wide array of activities. Students get introduced to filmmaking and create their works in workshops led by professional filmmakers, carry out their own research of archival audiovisual footage and later on use this material to create their own films, watch films at schools and in cinemas, discuss what have seen and gain practice in film programming. While teachers and school librarians are offered possibilities to deepen their knowledge about the use of film in school curriculum.
In July 2015 Meno Avilys, A Bao A Qu and Os Filhos de Lumière will share their experience in a web portal publishing methodologies, proposals for teachers and film educators, cases of best practice and students‘ creative work.
Project partners:
A Bao A Qu is Barcelona based non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the conception and development of projects that link culture, creation and education. A Bao A Qu organise film, photography and contemporary art workshops at schools and high schools, carry out training for teachers, film educators and cultural managers and provides them with film education methodology. In every project A Bao A Qu start from a cultural, educational and social triple perspective. Their programme for primary and secondary schools Cinema in Course takes place not only in Catalonia, but also in Galicia, Madrid, Argentina and Chile.
Os Filhos de Lumière is Lisbon based organisation founded by filmmakers and film lovers fifteen years ago. Os Filhos de Lumière introduce students to film as a form of artistic expression. The founders of the organisation believe that the best way to get to know cinema is to experiment, and watching films is important not only because students get familiar with film heritage and contemporary cinema, but also because it helps young people to open up and develop a more attentive attitude to the world, other people and oneself. Os Filhos de Lumière organise film workshops, discussions, seminars for teachers and run a film club.
Lithuanian project partners:
Skalvija Cinema Center
International short films festival Vilnius Film Shorts
Romuva Cinema Theatre
French Institute in Lithuania
Education Development Centre
Magazine "Kinas"
Vilnius documentary film festival
Project is funded by EU programme Creative Europe MEDIA.