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People, Animals and Things

Meno Avilys

"People, Animals and Things", documentary film.
Estimated time: 70 min.
Planned release: 2018
Director Aistė Žegulytė
Screenwriters Aistė Žegulytė, Titas Laucius
Cinematographer Vytautas Katkus
Producer Giedrė Burokaitė
Editor Mikas Žukauskas
Music Gediminas Jakubka
Film Synopsis
The taxidermist’s hypnotic routine, their daily life and calendar celebrations reveal our gaze towards nature as a whole or the animal itself – whether it is the traditional celebration of eating deer or the Christian mass for animals and those hunters who have been shot. This is their world. Here, everything that is real lies in meat and blood, and everything that is beneath that is just an excuse to escape that reality.
Director Aistė Žegulytė
Aistė Žegulytė was born in 1986 in Panevėžys, Lithuania. There she has graduated from high school and Fine Arts School. During 2006 - 2009 she has studied Photographic Technology at Vilnius University of Applied Engineering Sciences.
In 2009 she started Television and Cinema Directing at Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy and graduated from it in 2013. Her graduation project was documentary film "Identities". So far she has made several fictional and documentary short films.
Producer Giedrė Burokaitė
In 2004 Giedrė Burokaitė graduated BA studies in Cultural History and Anthropology at Vilnius University. In 2015 graduated MA in Film Producing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater.
Giedrė now works as a junior producer in production company „Fralita films“ (since 2012) and as a cinema project manager and producer in a media education center and production company - „Meno avilys“ (since 2008). She has produced a number of short films and is currently working on her first feature.
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