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VDFF screenings for young people, together with Moving Cinema

Meno Avilys

The international film education project, Moving Cinema, aims to introduce children and young people to a variety of films, to develop an attentive cinematographer’s gaze and critical thinking, and to present films as a means of self-expression. While fostering young people’s interest in film, Moving Cinema creates and tests new film education methodologies that appeal to young people.
In collaboration with VDFF, Moving Cinema invites senior students to attend the festival and discover new documentary forms, themes and storytelling methods. Fifteen young people from different schools that are interested in being involved, will be able to choose several films from the VDFF programme and get reserved seating in the screenings. Afterwards, the young viewers will be invited to share their insights with a film critic, who will also provide tips on how to write film reviews. Anyone who is interested will then be able to publish their reviews in the online version of ‘Kinas’ (Cinema) magazine.
This project is organised by: NGO ‘Meno Avilys’ (Lithuania), ‘A Bao A Qu’ (Spain), ‘Os Filhos de Lumière’ (Portugal), ‘Cinémathèque Française’ (France), and the Edinburgh International Film Festival (United Kingdom).
Project partners in Lithuania: ‘Skalvija’ cinema, ‘Kinas’ magazine, and the Lithuanian Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema.
More information about the project: www.movingcinema.eu.